About Me

From Philadelphia to San Francisco to Los Angeles and back to Philadelphia, Derek Ihnat has been making his mark and gathering inspiration all along the way.  With the likes of his artist of the month, Derek has curated the best of the best in some of the most talked about and prestigious galleries , then eventually in his own Philadelphia based gallery, Art Syndicate.  Curator turned sole artist, Derek now shows his own pieces coast to coast.  Gathering inspiration from artist friends, avant-garde designers, and the romanticism movement, his pieces reflect more than a watercolor portrait.  Gradient hues of black and gray add substance and depth to fashion inspired work.
For More Info: www.info@derekIhnat.com


One response to “About Me

  1. Derek Ihnat is not only a unique and sought after artist but also a fun, personable and interesting person. Three of his ink pieces are available at the Upstairs Gallery located in the Sand Castle Winery, 12 miles north of New Hope. He produces works of art that will have you reveling in their beauty as well as provoking a curiousity in the viewer. Come visit us at the gallery and view Derek’s art “upstairs” in a huge sand castle on top of a mountain where you can see for 15 miles.

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